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It was not until visiting with the Supreme Being, Olodumare , and begging for Oshun's pardon as advised by Olodumare that the world could continue to be created. But not before Oshun had given birth to a son.

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This son became Elegba, the great conduit of ase in the Universe, the eternal and infernal trickster. Oshun is known as Iyalode, the " explicitly female chief of the market.

When she possesses her followers, she dances, flirts and then weeps- because no one can love her enough and the world is not as beautiful as she knows it could be. In Cuban Lukumi tradition, Oshun has many roads, or manifestations.

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Some of these include: Oshun Ibu Ikole -- Oshun the Vulture. This Oshun is associated with Witches Aje , and her symbols are the vulture, and the mortar and pestle both of which are symbols of witchcraft. In Cuba, her mythology says that this Oshun saved the world by flying the prayers of the dying world up to the Sun Orun , where Olodumare lives.

In West Africa, however, this myth is attributed to Yemoja. Oshun Ibu Anya -- Oshun of the Drums. This Oshun is the patron of dancing and the Anya drums. She is said to dance ceaselessly to forget her troubles. She sits at the bottom of the river, knitting. This Oshun is pictured as a furrow to be plowed and a giant vulva, while her husband Orisha Oko is a farmer and pictured as a giant phallus. She is the editor of Let Spirit Speak! Acknowledgments Introduction The Call: Hearing the Flow of the River 1.

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The Search for Home: You Have 0 Item s In Cart. Yet once she has been appeased, Oshun saves Earth from destruction by calling back the waters. Tradition holds that the first interaction between Oshun and human beings took place in Osogbo Oshogbo , Nigeria. That city is considered sacred, and it is believed to be fiercely protected by the water goddess. Oshun is said to have given the people who went to her river permission to build the city and promised to provide for them, protect them, and grant their prayers if they worshipped her dutifully, making the obligatory offerings, prayers, and other rituals.

Out of that first encounter between the people of Osogbo and Oshun evolved the Oshun festival, which is still practiced today by the Yoruba people. Every year Oshun devotees and other people of the Yoruba religious tradition go to the Oshun River to pay homage, make sacrifice, and ask for a variety of things such as wealth, children, and better health.

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Although other orishas are honoured during the festival, the climax of the festival is centred on Oshun. Oshun is especially important to women in West African cultures. Those who want children and who may suffer from infertility usually call on Oshun for assistance, and she is associated with the concepts of femininity and the power of women. More widely, she is sought after in times of drought or severe poverty.

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Orisha , any of the deities of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Although there is much variation….